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Dont try Quickflix

Just a quickie to say dont try Quickflix.

I was given a chance to do a free trial with Quickflix (one of those compaines that send dvd’s to your place rather than you having to go to the video store) which with a toddler and a baby on the way I thought would be a great opportunity for hubby and I to have some movie nights together – especially as we are living in a place with an enormous home cinema complete with it’s own bar!

Well we are far too busy atm and only got half way through the 8 dvd’s we could use a month, and that was trying hard to force ourselves to sit down and do it, so we didnt want to have to go through that each month.  I went onto the website 2 days before the end of our trial period and used their form to cancel.  I even wrote in the optional comments area why I wanted to cancel.  Low and behold this week I get an email informing me I have been changed to a subscription service – the 8 dvd’s a month one I told them we couldnt even get through.  So they obviously didnt even read my cancellation and try to suck me in by changing me to a lower plan – they just went ahead and started charging my credit card.  I am too, too busy this week (right in the thick of contract negotiations to buy our first business – so much stress and wondering if we have bitten off more then we can chew there) so Im not sure when I will get onto Quickflix.  But will give you an update so you know what happened but so far my advice is – DONT DO A FREE TRIAL WITH THEM!!!

I have read in other places on the net that there are a few of these companies that do offer free trials so other than this one if you are thinking about joining one of those types of rentals how about looking around or even asking directly if they offer free trials.  I did read that they usually only offer two week trials though.  Anyway – as always with those things make sure you cancel before the trial ends if you dont want to keep it – they all say in the fine print that they will sign you up automatically if they dont hear from you.  And keep a copy of your cancellation so you dont have to worry about it if you get into the situation I am in now.  I cancelled through a contact form so I have no copy.  Grrrrrrr.  Ah well you live and learn – I did this trial with the knowledge this might happen, I was just hoping that Quickflix had some morals about them, silly I know.


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